Game Food and BBQ Dinner​​
December 8th
​Index Community Center
$7:00 per person Call 606-495-8805
Fish, Frog Legs, Venison, Turtle, Caribou, Pork
and much much more!!!
Our History
Our Team
Our Goals
Appalachian Outdoorsmen's Association was formed by individuals wanting to protect Hunting, trapping, fishing, 2nd ammendment rights and the appalachian way of life. Two individual began talks in mid 2015 and the first organizational meeting was held March 21, 2016 and we continue to develope into a family oriented, cultural preservation and sportsman organization for all to enjoy.
At Appalachian Outdoorsmen Association we believe you are our team. The organization belongs to its membership and its that membership that plans, organizes and determines how we proceed in the actions we take. Divided into divisions, each division choosing someone to represent them on a board of directors so each person, group and sub group is equally represented.
To preserve and protect our right as sportsmen, outdoorsmen and to preserve a culture that is unique to the Appalachian way of life. We will work together on culture related issues with openness and respect, and empowering one another to play a significant role in achieving individual and group goals and objectives.

 Appalachian Outdoorsmen is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Organization

Appalachian Outdoorsmen now offers hunters education/safety courses for those needing orange cards. Contact us for next available class.
  1. Family Oriented
    We are a family oriented organization and offer a family membership. We encourage family participation with all of our events having a clean family atmosphere.
  2. Military Recognition
    We offer free membership to any active duty military member serving in the United States Armed Services. We value those that fight for the rights we have as American citizens and offer those that serve a free honorary membership during their active service.
  3. Youth Membership
    We offer a free youth membership to anyone under the age of 16. Our youth is our future and by mentoring and setting a strong moral and ethical example, we can help shape the character of those that will take over our future after we have moved on.
  4. Partnerships
    Through partnerships and affiliations we can better serve sportsmen, outdoorsmen and the people of Appalachia. If you are an individual or an organization that would like to partner with AOA contact one of our Executive Board Members.
Schedule of Events
  1. The Appalachian Outdoorsmen Association monthly meeting will be held at the our range located at 1430 Spaws Creek Road, West Liberty Ky. 41472. Meeting will begin at 7:00pm. Please attend and join our great organization.
    Meetings 3rd Thursday 7:00 pm
  2. The AOA has now purchased archery Equipment
  3. 22 Riffle shooting competition and casting competition for youth. We provide the riffles and ammunition free of charge. Annual awards presented for our competition shoots. Contact a board member for more information.
    Contact 606-495-8805
    All During the year!!
  4. Join Appalachian Outdoorsmen today. Annual individual membership is $25 and annual family membership is $35. Membership also allows you free use of the shooting and archery ranges. Send your membership payments and contact information to: AOA, 1845 Spaws Creek Rd., West Liberty Ky. 41472 606-495-8805

  Appalachian Outdoorsmen will be hosting youth archery lessons and shoots. All area          youth are encouraged to attend. Appalachian Outdoorsmen has purchased archery  equipment, trap thrower and riffles that will be provided for use in the event that
  a child may not have its own  equipment.

            Bring your child out to participate in our .22 riffle bear target shoot!!!!   

                                    Trophies awarded for winners in each event.
                                                      Annual youth hunts!!!!    

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