The easiest and most important way to get involved is to help us take a child outdoors today.

  Be Informed!
  Visit our website and be on our AOA email distribution list.

  Be a Voice!
  Help us spread the word about the benefits to children of outdoor play and interaction with nature by talking
  up Appalachian Outdoorsmen.

 Become a Member and Volunteer!
 Help with special events and projects. Serve on a working committee.

 Special Events & Projects
 We need your help – there are many ways to volunteer with varying time commitments.

 Some examples:

     * Volunteer to work the booth at community events (Sorguhm Fetival, Shooting and archery events at our range)
     * Brings youth to an archery, casting or shooting event (equipment available to check out)
     * Recruit other members and mentors
     * Organize a community activity

 Marketing Committee

 Help get the word out with marketing materials, advertising, applications and public relations.

 Focus Question: What barriers do some families face to getting their kids outdoors? How do we reach these families?

 Growth Committee

 Help recruit AOA Voices, memberships and Partners.

 Secure grant funding and/or donations for youth and family outdoor activities.

 Focus Question: Who do we best reach all areas of the Appalachian Region and beyond ?

 Programming Committee

 Schedule presentations to Community Groups, Sponsors and other like Organizations.

 Plan tie-ins to community events (e.g., Festivals, Church Groups, organized gatherings)

 Plan collaborative events with AOA Affiliates and partners

 Focus Question: Who are the target groups for programs (e.g., middle school students who no longer have recess)?
 How do we connect people  with resources that enable them to get outdoors on their own (e.g., Family Nature Clubs)

 Be a Partner or Affiliate!

 Be a part of this region-wide effort as an organization, businesses or agency.

 Coalition partners are actively involved in supporting the AOA mission as:

       Opportunity Providers
 Coalition partners will be featured on AOA website and marketing materials. 

 Affiliate Organizations share the same like cause of AOA and affiliate to work together and provide one another with the
 support to accomplish  our goals.

 If you’re interested in getting involved, in one of these ways, contact:

Appalachian Outdoorsmen does not recommend the playing of video games as a source of mere entertainment. Everyone should encourage outdoors activities and these types of games only used as rainy day activities or when there is no other alternative. Please focus on true to life outdoor activities for you and your family.

Enjoy the outdoors and for rainy day use only!!!